Our goal at the time of the annual exam is to ensure that your gynecologic health is well attended to through the most up-to date resources.

Every year when you come to us, we review your previous history and address new personal and medical developments and any ongoing or recent symptoms. The examination is performed in the low-stress, comfortable atmosphere of our office.

During this examination we often employ ultrasound and other tests to increase the yield of diagnostic possibilities available in the practice setting. The results of this ultrasound are discussed with you immediately.

Because we know your time is valuable, we strive to address each of your concerns attentively and fully, and try to minimize the number of visits as much as possible. At times one annual visit in our office provides the care of several regular office visits. Thus, we call our annual visits “Annual Plus.”

Your awareness of your health is of a special matter to us. We hope to guide you towards a holistic approach to your health and to help you to take pro-active steps on the path to self-knowledge and wellness. The findings and the strategy of care we will recommend are discussed thoroughly with careful attention to your immediate and long-term personal and medical needs.