“Dear Dr. Stepanian, It was an hour to meet you as my doctor, this was my first visit to you which you made so easy since I had fear 🙂 You made me feel welcome and I felt like I’ve known you for so long. You are a true angel and so adorable. Thanks for all you do!!!”

“You are such a rare doctor, filled with love and knowledge that you so constantly and faithfully bring to your patients. I was incredibly lucky to have you as my Doctor!”

“Dear Dr. Assia,
Thank you so much for your care over the past few years. You are very supportive and gave me hope and confidence at difficult time in this journey.”

“I love and respect you so much – you have been an answer to our prayers. You are more than a doctor – you are a dear person and a great friend!”

“Dr. Stepanian,
M. and I want to express to you our deepest appreciate for making a significant change in our circumstances. We are very grateful that we found you and put our complete trust in your expertise. You are truly an amazing and gentle “mom” when you speak to me and remind me that we need to proceed in steps. Our family presents a special “heart” to you because for the rest of our lives we will continue to thank our “loving Heavenly Father every night for such a special person like you! Once again, you will always have a place in our family!

“Dearest Dr. Assia A Stepanian,
Know that you are appreciated by many, especially by W. and myself. You have been and are a miracle to many. I personally know this from experience. You express love in you work. You express wisdom, you demonstrate genuine compassion and more. Please know and believe this! I know God directed our paths to each other.”
– T. F. N.

“Thank you for the caring service that you provide. During your care, I felt a true and earnest feeling of trust and love. I know that you provide this to all that enter your door.”
– M. S.

I just wanted to say Thank You so much for working in my student last Wednesday at the Lake Oconee Office. She left there with much relief, appreciation and a love for Dr. Stepanian. She described Academia of Women’s Health as awesome and we are all so thankful that she was able to be evaluated by such an amazing doctor. All the best and thanks again!


Dearest Dr. Stepanian,

Thank you for not giving up on me! I was a patient that was ignored by past physicians because on the “outside” I “appeared” to be fine despite my descriptive painful symptoms. You listened, examined me, educated me, and took care of me by means of the best treatments and your positive energy. You also respected my faith and developed treatment options that wouldn’t force me to compromise my faith, but that also allowed you to be comfortable as the treating physician. Know that you will be blessed! You are loving, humble, intelligent, and precious.

Love your friend always!


Dr. Stepanian and Staff,

Thank you so very much for the incredible care and concern that I received before, during, and after my surgery. Dr. Stepanian, you are an angel sent from heaven. I couldn’t have been in better hands!!

Much Love,
S.G. and Family

Dear Dr. Stepanian,

I am truly blessed to have gotten to learn from you for the past 5+ weeks! You are an incredibly gifted physician and surgeon as well as one of the most compassionate and loving persons I know. Thank you for taking your time, energy, love, and patience to teach me. I have learned tremendously about gynecology as well as life lessons. I find myself quoting you already. I pray your practice continues to grow and that each and every day you are blessed by the people in your life.

Thank you,

Dr. Stepanian,

You did my surgery in May of last year. I was pregnant 2 weeks later! M*** was born 2-23-15. She is a Joy! Thank you for everything!


Dr. Stepanian,
Thank you so much for agreeing to be our key note speaker at our teen conference last weekend; your session was so incredibly inspiring! We ask presenting physicians to talk about not only their field of expertise but the importance of balance in their lives. You went so far beyond that request; several teens rated your session as higher than the highest number. In talking with many of the teens at the end of the day they mentioned how much you had impressed them; they had not thought about the interpersonal or “soft side” of the medical profession. Your discussion about excellence was very thought provoking and hopefully will guide our young people as they continue through life.

Once again, thank you so much and I know you will continue to make amazing differences in the lives of everyone you meet.

Warmest regards,

Dear Dr. Stepanian,
Thank you for all your help and support on my journey to getting better. You are awesome.

Dr. Stepanian is a great provider of not only my physical care, but of my emotional care as well. As a new patient, I was not sure exactly what to expect. After endless trips to countless gynecologists’ offices, I felt as though I was out of luck. However, after researching her more extensively, I thought that she might be able to help me. I left Dr. Stepanian’s office feeling nurtured and healed. You have to come to her office to understand the loving aura that exists within.

Dr. Stepanian,
I don’t know where to start in expressing my heartfelt joy in meeting you today. Your generosity shines through as you invested a few moments to educate me. I’d bet my last cent that you’ve touched the lives of many, both in and out of women’s health, but you have no clue how you’ve improved mine.
-Sincerely, Lovingly, and Appreciatively, E.N.

Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to me and my problems. You have such a peaceful and giving soul.

Thank you for getting my mom better.

Dr. Stepanian,
Thank you so much for treating me so well! We got pregnant two weeks after the surgery and we are so excited! You have been an instrumental piece of our journey. THANK YOU!
-Much love, K.F.

Dr. Stepanian,
Your words were very comforting. You were an angel sent to me very unexpectedly. My hope is that my wife and I can move forward and heal together. Your words of love were heartfelt. You are an angel to me!
-T.F. (husband)

Dear Dr. Stepanian, Where do I start in thanking you for such wonderful attention and care during this past month? When my internist recommended I see you, I wasn’t sure what to expect so I went to your website and saw such wonderful testimonials from your patients. The words kind, caring, compassionate, knowledgeable, warm, elegant, genuine, sincere were all used to describe you! Not only do you have all these wonderful qualities, but you have such a calmness that made me “ok” with what our decision would be. Thank you so much Dr. Stepanian for being my wonderful doctor and guardian angel. God truly was watching over me when he brought me to you! I look forward to a long doctor and patient relationship and friendship! Warmest regards, J.J. PS, you give the best hugs!

You were there for me and relieved my pain,
You were kind to me, and told me how to heal from within,
You said love yourself from the inside out,
That’s how you will heal your heart without a doubt,
I thank you so much for your kindness and grace,
You have patience no matter what the case,
You are a great person, full of love from above.
You reached out to me in a time of need,
And for that I will never forget your lead,
You are very kind,
Undoubtedly love is blind,
I thank God for you, That I was able to find you,
For you not only treatment me physically,
But you showed me love spiritually.
Some people come around once in a lifetime.
Dr. Stepanian, I wanted you to know that you are the best women’s health doctor I have ever had.
Thank you for ministering to me both physically, mentally, spiritually and socially.
God Bless You Always,
For you have healing hands.

Dr. Assia, I cannot fully express my gratitude to you for the care you have given me- but I will try. Although I was scared when we first began, your faith and composure quickly put me at ease. Thank you for the rime and love you devoted to the health and wellness of both my body and mind. You made me feel safe and confident and helped me form a new, more positive relationship with my body. Your kindness made me feel at home and others are blessed to cross your path. You have been a gift from God for which I’ll always be grateful. I’ll miss you! I hope you like my gift for you- it was inspired by the peace and strength I’ve gained through this process and the lessons I’ve learned along the way. All my love and gratitude to you, T.J.

Thank you for healing me. F.G.

Dr. Stepanian, I can not tell you how much your kindness meant. You truly made my day! B.F.

Thank you for your kindness, compassion, love, skill, and grace. You have a pure heart that is full of love. You have changed my life…I was suffering and now I am healed. Words cannot describe how blessed and grateful I am to have found you! B.M.

Our family wants to thank you for all the time, love, expertise and compassion you showed us these past few months. We are so happy and blessed to have put our child in your special hands. She is doing beautifully… You are such a wonderful doctor taking extra time and preparation to make sure N received the best care possible. Your beauty and kind heart are truly reflected both inside and out, and we praise God you came into our lives… You are every woman’s wish for a caring gynecologist and we are so fortunate and appreciative you are part of our lives. A.& B.P.

We are sincerely grateful to you and your team for helping us get around this bend in the road. Thank you for your fearlessness, compassion and courageous spirit. R.& M. M.

Bless you for giving your time, your energy, your self. Words could never express how much we appreciated all the time you took for H and I. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and caring. Bless you. C.& H.G.

I thank you for your compassion and concern, as well as your thoroughness regarding my health issues. E.W.

I wanted to give you a note as a token of gratitude for all you have done for me. I have so appreciated your help and guidance with me health, surgery and well-being. Thank you for caring so much about your patients! K.D.

I am blown away! Your office is so warm and inviting. You are truly devoted to your patients and their well being both physically and emotionally. This is extremely rare. Most doctors will give you a diagnosis and send you on your way but you actually take the time discuss the situation and provide comfort to your patients. Truly admirable! A.D.

I means a lot to me that you take time from your busy life to provide me with your words of wisdom and comfort. I can’t get over what a wonderful and kind person you are. You’re truly extraordinary! An example of how we all should be. The world is a much better place with you in it. A.D.

Just coming to visit you for whatever reason is exciting…just so that I can meet you. You have created a BEAUTIFUL space in your office, ohh so lovely. I am amazed at your attention to detail. Its a joy to know you. When I meet you, I feel so happy that I am beaming after I have come out. I love you very much. May you be blessed forever.

You are one of the most beautiful people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. From the first time you walked into my pre-op room you have provided such a calming presence in my life. Your beautiful heart shines through and fills the room. It meant so much to me for you to come and spend time with me before my surgery. I was very nervous and your gentle spirit helped alleviate my stress. Your willingness to help me through my healing process means the world to me and I will never forget it. You make me feel like more than just a patient. You make me feel like a friend. Love,

I am so lucky to have Dr. Stepanian as my gynecologist and my friend. I worked with her at the clinic for two years and was amazed at how she makes each and every patient feel so at ease and comfortable around her. Upon checking out, patients would say things like “I love her,” “she’s great,” or “she is so sweet.” This is the way she made me feel about her when I was her patient. This is the first time I have had a female doctor and I feel like I can discuss anything with her. She takes lots of time with each patient and you never go away feeling like you were rushed in and rushed out. Dr. Stepanian is the greatest, and now I look forward to my yearly checkups. This community is so lucky to have such a kind and compassionate doctor caring for the women at Lake Oconee.

My experience with Dr. Assia Stepanian has been nothing but positive. She is very intelligent, up to date, and has great knowledge in her speciality. I find her very caring and she will take the time to get to know you and your concerns. She has a way of making you feel very special. I now join my many friends in highly recommending Dr. Assia Stepanian.

Atlanta Gynecology Office TestimonialsI have been seeing Dr. Stepanian now as a patient for almost 4 years at the Cowles Clinic at Lake Oconee, Georgia. She is truly an outstanding and dedicated physician. She is personable, compassionate, and extremely thorough in her approach to medicine and her specialty of gynecology. She always takes the necessary time to explain in detail any medical findings and her advised course of action, treatment plans, and expected outcomes. When I see her, I feel like a person and not just an insurance number. In my opinion, the caring brand of medicine that she practices is becoming a lost style in this country. It is without reservation that I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a superior gynecologist who is also an extraordinary person.

Thanks so much for your role in my surgery. This has been an amazingly stress-free and pain-free process. I’m so glad to have been one of your and Dr. Lyons’ patients.

You’ll say that it was no big deal, but kindness is always a big deal. Take care.

Dr. Assia Stepanian is a gynecologist I would recommend to any family member or friend. She has a wonderful bedside manner with great concern for her patients’ health and well being. She shows a strong sense of compassion from start to finish of each visit.

It was spring of 2010 when I first met you, Dr. Stepanian. I liked you immediately. After a couple of appointments checking out this or that possibility, you ordered a Cat Scan. Your suspicions were confirmed – there was something going on in my abdomen that required a sub-specialist to “look see.” When you called and asked me to see a Surgeon/Oncologist in Atlanta, I quickly and firmly said “No!” After my continuing refusal to consider your suggestion, you said to me, “Do you trust me?” “Of course,” I replied, and thus began my journey. You, a very special woman, used your training, instincts, and concern for me. As a survivor, I am eternally grateful to you, Dr. Stepanian for your insistence that I pay attention and tackle the job ahead for me. I visit you often to give and get hugs when you are here in Greensboro. I owe you my life.

… Having been “around” so to speak, I am truly blessed by the amount of love I see you give to your patient. It is an honor to have you as her doctor of choice. We are working on the love, humor, flowers, and happy moments right now.
God bless you!

Once again, I’m complaining of smiling too much, making progress in healing, and enjoying my R & R time. Thank you!