Academia AAGL Center of ExcellenceDr. Assia Stepanian has long been devoted to the propagation of the most effective techniques in women’s health and gynecologic surgery. “My dedication to my patients extends well beyond my office. I am convinced that the only way to ensure the best possible treatment is to be deeply involved in research and educational opportunities not just here in Atlanta, but around the world.”

The learning never stops

The name Academia was chosen to reflect Dr. Stepanian’s unique special position in medicine. In her opinion, the word Academia in medicine reflects the presence of three aspects of knowledge: generational, collegial, and received through interaction with patients. Generational knowledge she has received from her parents and wonderful mentors in life. Collegial knowledge she receives and shares with the organizations with which she is involved. Her attention to her patients allows for both an enriching and mutually rewarding relationship.

As the daughter of two prominent Russian physicians, Dr. Stepanian’s educational opportunities began at a very early age. “My mother is Dr. Leila Adamyan. She developed many techniques used throughout the world today including those used in the treatment of genitourinary malformations like vaginal agenesis (the absence of a vagina). I am proud to have brought those and other techniques, learned from internationally renowned surgeons, with me here to the United States.”

Dr. Stepanian is constantly involved in research and educational projects (please see Research & Teaching pages), ensuring constant communication and education with the world’s most brilliant physicians as well as treatment that is always at the forefront of medical science. “My goal is to bring together dynamic people and organizations from around the world into one mutually enriching educational process.”

Establishing and developing SurgeryU

Dr. Stepanian has been a member of the American Association of Gynecologic Laparascopists (AAGL) since 1994 and serves on its Board of Trustees and on the Advisory Board of the organization. In 2001, she founded the first international video library for Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery called SurgeryU. In 2009, SurgeryU was accepted as the international journal and educational platform of the AAGL.

“The internet has made the concept of global education achievable. Therefore, why not make it possible for gynecologists from all over the world to share their surgical techniques? www.aagl.org/surgeryu is a website of over 900 video demonstrations and lectures illustrating those techniques. As the Founder and Editor-In-Chief, I have had the honor of assembling a renowned faculty of sixty brilliant physicians who have helped make the site one of the most extensive and practical video libraries in the world.”

Finally, Dr. Stepanian believes that her patients have a great deal to teach her. “Life is a continuous Academia of endless and mutually enriching discoveries. Everything that my patients share with me is part of my learning process, and I am eternally grateful to them for allowing me to be their student.”