Our goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive care available that fully answers your gynecologic needs.

At your first appointment we explore in significant detail all aspects of your health that are of concern to you. These concerns are then viewed from the perspective of your health in general and from the standpoint of your medical and personal history. Medical documentation submitted by you or your referring physician is carefully reviewed prior to your appointment and is addressed during your visit.

Gynecology Women's HealthWe then do the examination. We prefer to perform a high-resolution ultrasound in the majority of the patients who come to our practice. A diagnostic ultrasound serves as an important supplement to the general gynecologic examination and at times reveals details that are highly significant to the health and wellbeing of patients.

In the comfortable surrounding of our office we summarize the findings of the evaluation and address them from the perspective of your personal and medical goals and the general state of your health.

Gynecology Office AtlantaTreatment plans from the many options that are available in association with Academia of Women’s Health and Endoscopic Surgery are offered as necessary. Most importantly, we combine traditional and innovative approaches to your care and attend respectfully to what matters to you the most.

In the case that you are referred to us by another physician, and in an effort to provide you with the best continuity of care, we effectively communicate with your referring physician regarding your care to ensure appropriate follow up.