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Why Academia?

Academia of Women’s Health & Endoscopic Surgery is a women’s health and gynecology center conveniently located in Atlanta, Georgia. Seeing patients from ages 11 to over 100, we seek to serve the needs of our patients through every life stage with care and compassion. The Practice was founded by Dr. Assia Stepanian in 2011 with the mission of serving the needs of women with full consideration of their current and future health by taking into account the patients’ medical conditions, cultural beliefs, immediate and ultimate life goals, and genetic predispositions. Specializing in minimal invasive surgery techniques, we seek to provide the highest level of care with a patient centered approach founded on mutual trust and communication, with continual follow up and support.

about_droperatingDr. Assia Stepanian – Founder

Dr. Assia Stepanian has long been devoted to the propagation of the most effective techniques in women’s health and gynecologic surgery.

“My dedication to my patients extends well beyond my office. I am convinced that the only way to ensure the best possible treatment is to be deeply involved in research and educational opportunities not just here in Atlanta, but around the world.”

Academia Staff

  • Lisa Garcia – Medical Assistant
  • Shirley Howell – Assistant Manager
  • Daiva Jovaisaite – Receptionist | Check-In | Projects Coordinator
  • Angela Kantor – Medical Assistant
  • Vickie King – Coding and Billing Specialist
  • Tatyana Spevak – Medical Assistant

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