Just wanted to send you a note and say thank you for taking so much time with me the last few weeks. I can't thank you enough for your attention to my issues. I have a deep faith that God will always provide for us, and I do feel like He led me to you. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. -CP

Thank you so much for taking me in as a student to your Academia family! I truly enjoyed every minute soaking in your compassion to patients as well as your vast knowledge on women's health. I am taking away more than just increased knowledge of gynecology but also a better understanding of patient care. Thank you. I loved every minute of it. -KCC

You are the most generous, warm, genuine, and caring person (and physician!) I have ever met. The warmth that you express for all of your patients is beyond what I have ever seen or experienced before and that is something truly special…Your office is the most beautiful office I have ever seen, and is completely filled with compassion, love, warmth, and generosity. -ND

Dr. Assia Stepanian is the epitome of elegance and compassion in women’s health and gynecology. What a true gift and blessing I found in the incredible physician and lovely new and wonderful friend! Dr. Stepanian is extremely compassionate. She sees and listens to her patients through the eyes of her heart. - JK

Our family wants to thank you for all the time, love, expertise and compassion you showed our daughter these past few months. We are so happy and blessed to have put our child in your special hands. She is doing beautifully. You are every woman’s wish for a caring gynecologist and we are so fortunate and appreciative you are part of our lives. Your beauty and kind heart are truly reflected both inside and out and we praise God you came into our lives. - AB

I came to Dr. Stepanian specifically for the MonaLisa Touch treatment. I had read about it, and discussed it with my doctor who referred me to Dr. Stepanian. Dr. Stepanian was wonderful. She made me feel so comfortable and took all my fears away. The experience itself wasn’t painful at all. Since I became post-menopausal, I was experiencing pain with intercourse and some mild incontinence. The MonaLisa Touch has helped both tremendously! I am very happy. -LD

Dr. Stepanian and the transvaginal ultrasound saved my life. Literally. My previous gynecologist had moved a couple of years earlier, and I simply had not taken the time to find someone else. With no problems other than the occasional emotional meltdown and sweaty pajamas—bi-products of being 41, I might have put the visit off even longer had not a dear friend insisted I see this doctor. I had planned to make a quick trip from the school where I was teaching and get back before the end of the day. But this doctor was more thorough than that. She sat down with me in her office, since this was my first visit, and we talked. By the time my feet were in the stirrups, I was no longer a stranger. But this was not the only thing Dr. Stepanian did that was different from what I had experienced in the past. She is the only doctor I had ever seen who included in her exam a transvaginal ultrasound. She thoroughly explained how it would feel and what its purpose was before she began this very simple—but, in my case, lifesaving study. I married late in life and never had children, so when she said something was there in my ovary, I was glib and said, “It’s not a baby, is it?” She didn’t laugh. She was already thinking ahead. “Would you want it to be?” she asked, not taking her eyes off the monitor. I said I guess not and laughed the way one does when it’s still a possibility even though not a good idea. Then I really started to notice how intent she was on one section of the image, returning again and again to that one ovary. She explained that she did not like the way something looked and she thought it should come out immediately. She spent a good deal of time with me that morning (and I shall forever after be patient in a doctor’s office, for you never know what someone else is dealing with in the next room). Later that night, after hours, she called me to make sure I understood the plan and to see if I was all right. Within a matter of days, I was at Northside Hospital in Atlanta for a laparoscopic surgery in which Dr. Stepanian removed the mass without disrupting it. Subsequently, I was diagnosed with Stage 1A ovarian cancer, a rare diagnosis since most ovarian cancers are not found until much later. Too much later. Ovarian cancer will be diagnosed in approximately 22,000 women this year. Approximately 14,000 are expected to die from it. The survival rate for those whose cancer is found in Stage IA is around 94 percent. I’m one of those survivors, thanks to Dr. Stepanian and the transvaginal ultrasound.

Having been “around” so to speak, I am truly blessed by the amount of love I see you give to your patient. It is an honor to have you as her doctor of choice. We are working on the love, humor, flowers, and happy moments right now. God bless you! - PD (Husband)

Once again, I’m complaining of smiling too much, making progress in healing, and enjoying my R & R time. Thank you! - LD

Sex had become uncomfortable, not pleasant at all. It became a matter of continuing to be intimate with my husband or not. The procedure was painless- there was nothing to it! It’s definitely made a difference- I feel like I did when I was in my 20’s and 30’s! I trust Dr. Stepanian. She is very discriminating. I knew that she would not put her reputation on the line if this wasn’t the right treatment. -LC

Dr. Stepanian and Staff,
Thank you so very much for the incredible care and concern that I received before, during, and after my surgery. Dr. Stepanian, you are an angel sent from heaven. I couldn’t have been in better hands!! Much love. - S.G. and Family

Dr. Stepanian gave me confidence that, no matter what was wrong, we would be able to handle it together. My confidence grew further as she conducted an exam in the most professional and considerate manner. Her kindness and compassion, as well as her knowledge and expertise, far exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much, Dr. Stepanian! - GK

I want to thank you for taking care of me on the plane in July. I only remember parts of the flight. Don’t know how I would have made it without you. You couldn’t be more thoughtful, and I couldn’t be more grateful! Thank you So much! - RL

You were there for me and relieved my pain,
You were kind to me, and told me how to heal from within,
You said “love yourself from the inside out,
That’s how you will heal your heart without a doubt.”
I thank you so much for your kindness and grace,
You have patience no matter what the case,
You are a great person, full of love from above.
You reached out to me in a time of need,
And for that, I will never forget your lead,
You are very kind,
Undoubtedly love is blind,
I thank God for you,
That I was able to find you,
For you not only treated me physically,
But you showed me love spiritually.
Some people only come around once in a lifetime.
Dr. Stepanian, I wanted you to know that you are the best women’s health doctor I have ever had.
Thank you for ministering to me both physically, mentally, spiritually and socially.
God bless you always, for you have healing hands.

Words cannot express just how thankful I feel, and just how much I appreciate your kindness! You gave me hope for the future; thank you for going above and beyond to try to help me! I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart! With Love, - MA

Your sincerity and genuine love for people is a gift to everyone that knows you… I love you Assia Stepanian. -TF

My vagina skin was so dry and the thing that I used to dread even more than my annual exam...it was so painful. Since my MonaLisa treatment, it is a much more pleasant experience, and it doesn’t hurt at all! -SC

I am writing this letter in efforts to express my gratitude for Dr. Assia Stepanian (Dr. S.) and her clinic staff. Dr. S. has been the most warm, welcoming and responsive physician I have ever encountered. My daughter was born with a rare condition that had gone undiagnosed for a long time. Initially it was incorrectly diagnosed and treated by a physician who was unfamiliar with the condition. Dr. S. was not called in until after the original physician completed her treatment plan. Dr. S. has treated my daughter with more delicate and age appropriate care than we had ever encountered. It is difficult to treat children who have “adult” conditions. They do not understand what they are facing and the treatment of the physical conditions can cause emotional ones. Dr. S. was extremely patient and empathetic to my daughter’s situation and worked with us through her emotional response to the treatments. The facility is state of the art and her staff is just as warm and welcoming as she is. I would recommend Dr. S to ANYONE. You will feel safe and well treated as a patient. More importantly, as a mother, you will feel secure bringing your daughter there for treatment. Thank you Dr. S. for everything you have done and continue to do for us. - TA

I am truly blessed to have gotten to learn from you for the past 5+ weeks! You are an incredibly gifted physician and surgeon as well as one of the most compassionate and loving persons I know. Thank you for taking your time, energy, love, and patience to teach me. I have learned tremendously about gynecology as well as life lessons. I find myself quoting you already. I pray your practice continues to grow and that each and every day you are blessed by the people in your life. Thank you - M

Thank you for being there for me! J. and I left with smiles on our faces, amazed at the warmth and care we received. We never experienced this sense of comfort before…You all are truly blessed! -R & JH

Thank you for your kindness, compassion, love, skill, and grace. You have a pure heart that is full of love. God sent me to you because he knew how much I was suffering and now I am healed. Words cannot describe how blessed and grateful I am to have found you! Thank you! -BM

I love & respect you so much & you have been an answer to prayers. You are more than a Doctor; you are a dear person and a Great Friend!!

Thank you for sharing your time and knowledge with me these past 5 weeks. I have learned more than I could have ever expected from you, not just about gynecology but also life in general. You have tremendous compassion and a dedication towards your patients - that will never be forgotten. Thanks again!

I came to Dr. Stepanian specifically for the MonaLisa Touch treatment. I had read about it, and discussed it with my doctor who referred me to Dr. Stepanian. Dr. Stepanian was wonderful. She made me feel so comfortable and took all my fears away. The experience itself wasn’t painful at all. Since I became post-menopausal, I was experiencing pain with intercourse and some mild incontinence. The MonaLisa Touch has helped both tremendously! I am very happy. -LD

Dearest Dr. Stepanian,
Thank you for not giving up on me! I was a patient that was ignored by past physicians because on the outside I appeared to be fine despite my descriptive painful symptoms. You listened, examined me, educated me, and took care of me by means of the best treatments and your positive energy. You also respected my faith and developed treatment options that wouldn’t force me to compromise my faith, but that also allowed you to be comfortable as the treating physician. Know that you will be blessed! You are loving, humble, intelligent, and precious. Love your friend always!

MonaLisa is the BEST thing I have ever done for myself, and worth every single penny! I was having pain with intimacy and it helps tremendously! Dr. Stepanian is wonderful. I was so uptight and nervous before my first treatment. I was prepared for the worst, even though I was assured it would be pain-free. Let me tell you, halfway through the treatment, I was totally relaxed and that doesn’t even happen during regular office visits! It did not hurt at all, and I noticed a difference right after the first treatment. This is important for a woman, you are absolutely worth it! After my three treatments, I just have a new, good feeling about my life. - DK

I just wanted to say Thank You so much for working on my student. She left there with much relief, appreciation and a love for Dr. Stepanian. She described Academia of Women’s Health as awesome and we are all so thankful that she was able to be evaluated by such an amazing doctor. All the best and thanks again!

Thank you so much for your care over the past few years. You are very supportive and gave me hope and confidence at difficult time in this journey. -BR

You are such a rare doctor, filled with love and knowledge that you so constantly and faithfully bring to your patients. I was incredibly lucky to have you as my Doctor! -A

It was an honor to meet you as my doctor. This was my first visit to you which you made so easy since I had so much fear. You made me feel welcome and I felt like I’ve known you for so long. You are a true angel and so adorable. Thanks for all you do!!!

I was fine until a few years ago when I began to suffer terrible dryness both externally and internally. I was uncomfortable all of the time. I wore only loose-fitting clothes. I used cream which did work, but elected to have MonaLisa when Dr. Stepanian gave me the option. The treatment wasn’t uncomfortable at all. I even noticed an improvement after the first treatment: I didn’t need to use the cream anymore and I don’t have leakage when I sneeze or cough. Everything has steadily gotten better with each treatment. Now I’m not uncomfortable all of the time- I don’t even think about it, and I can wear jeans again! - TP