Academia of Women’s Health and Endoscopic Surgery Update

Dear Academia Patients,

We are glad to announce that our reopening on May 16, 2020 has been successful. While we are limiting the number of patients seen in the practice at any given time, we were able to restart all types of our office visits and procedures, including hysteroscopies and MonaLisa Touch to name a few. Please see our strict COVID Prevention Protocol attached in your portal.

As our hospital-based surgeries are concerned, we are very pleased with how diligently Northside Hospital is attending to preventing COVID-19 transmission. All surgical patients are COVID tested prior to admission and PPE protocols are in place.

Newly instituted televised appointments (streamed via E-clinical HIPPA protected system) have helped many of our patients discuss their symptoms, address hormone replacement therapy, discuss test results, and generate plans of care.

We continue to pray for your good health and look forward to seeing you soon.

With our warm regards,

Academia Staff

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