Academia of Women’s Health and Endoscopic Surgery Update

Dear Academia Patients,

We are glad to announce that our reopening on May 16, 2020 has been successful. While we are limiting the number of patients seen in the practice at any given time, we were able to restart all types of our office visits and procedures, including hysteroscopies and MonaLisa Touch to name a few. Please see our strict COVID Prevention Protocol attached in your portal.

As our hospital-based surgeries are concerned, we are very pleased with how diligently Northside Hospital is attending to preventing COVID-19 transmission. All surgical patients are COVID tested prior to admission and PPE protocols are in place.

Newly instituted televised appointments (streamed via E-clinical HIPPA protected system) have helped many of our patients discuss their symptoms, address hormone replacement therapy, discuss test results, and generate plans of care.

We continue to pray for your good health and look forward to seeing you soon.

With our warm regards,

Academia Staff

The cases of COVID are increasing in Georgia. We highly recommend that our patients follow CDC guidelines diligently.

Empowering Patients and Physicians Worldwide

Dr. Assia Stepanian empowers patients to achieve the best health that they can possibly imagine - through love, education and support. Through her work with SurgeryU, mentorships and speaking engagements, she has helped to educate over 11,000 doctors from around the world.



A woman’s body undergoes hormonal and physical changes throughout her life. Life takes place, habits form, risks develop. Your annual visit will help identify these health predispositions and any sign of disease that might be present.



From the moment you enter her offices, the décor, the artwork, the reception you receive will make you feel special. Dr. Stepanian’s office is equipped with technology that could make traveling for tests and some treatments unnecessary.



Dr. Stepanian recommends the painless MonaLisa Touch® procedure to women in menopause who want to improve vaginal and vulvar health and sexual intimacy. It can also be used to treat women who have undergone breast or endometrial cancer treatment and are deprived of estrogen.



Dr. Stepanian is highly specialized in Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery (MIGS). It is comforting to know that, if endoscopic surgery takes place, the recovery time is quick and discomfort is minimal.



Dr. Assia’s dedication to her patients extends well beyond the office. To enhance available treatments and diagnostic possibilities for her patients, she is deeply involved in research and educational opportunities both in the US and abroad.



Dr. Stepanian has dedicated her career to the health and happiness of women. If you’d like to meet your gynecologist before you see her, this two-minute video will be a warm introduction.

Why Academia?

"Academia is a special combination of generational knowledge, collegiality, and mutually enriching educational exchange with your patients."
- Dr. Assia Stepanian

The name “Academia” was blessed by her parents, Professors Leila Adamyan and Arnold Adamyan after she presented to them her vision and journey of the meaning of the name Academia:

Generationally, she learned vigorously and profoundly from both her parents, mentors, internationally acknowledged surgeons and academicians.

Collegiality, she created the first in the world web-based educational portal in Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery which allowed over 11,000 surgeons from all over the world to learn from the leaders in the field and each other and now serves the largest in the world organization in MIGS, called AAGL. Additionally, she teaches at the meetings, writes, mentors and enjoys working with her colleagues internationally and in Atlanta.

Lastly, tremendously special to Dr. Stepanian is her work with her patients. She sees it as a mutually enriching, honest, pure, and empowering exchange that occurs at the point of significant need of each individual patient. While she is enjoyed by many of her patient as their educator, she considers them, her eternal mentors.

Patients with various surgical and non-surgical gynecologic conditions are often referred to Dr. Stepanian by her colleagues. She is appreciated for spending time with her patients when generating special for these patients holistic treatment strategies and for her skill in implementing them.


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