The MonaLisa Touch® - Treats Vaginal Atrophy and Lichen Sclerosis

mona_lisa_touch_flowersMost vaginal changes occur when a woman’s health changes with menopause or peri-menopause. Peri-menopause and menopause may occur as a result of natural development, medical problems, medical treatments, or surgery. Regardless of the reason, it often leads to vaginal dryness, burning, painful intercourse, and vaginal and vulvar inflammation. Any one of these symptoms can greatly affect your life, comfort, and intimacy.

You don’t have to suffer.

One of the tools Dr. Assia Stepanian uses to decrease dryness and restore the joy of intimacy is the MonaLisa Touch® Laser, a fractional CO2 laser therapy. MonaLisa Touch delivers gentle and well modifiable laser energy to the vulva and vaginal wall tissue through small laser channels, through which it stimulates the production of collagen and the growth of a healthy new surface tissue.

In our experience, and based on 24 articles written on the subject, this laser treatment is a safe, short, and simple in-office procedure. The best candidates are patients with vaginal dryness who have discomfort or pain with intercourse (or with the introduction of the speculum during examinations) and patients with overt atrophic vaginitis or lichen sclerosis. MonaLisa is highly effective; it has even helped patients who were referred to us after other treatments were found to be ineffective or contraindicated

When patients arrive for an evaluation, we discuss different options of management and place emphasis on candidacy evaluationWe have noted that over 20% of patients desiring treatment with MonaLisa did not meet our candidacy criteria due to the presence of various vaginal or other pathology. The treatment is performed in the comfortable and relaxing environment of our practice. We use compounded numbing creams, which allow our patients to be pain free during treatment with MonaLisa. Dr. Stepanian performs treatments herself, utilizing various modalities of MonaLisa and using her knowledge of, and extensive experience with, four types of laser technologies in order to individualize every treatment. The entire treatment takes up to 5 minutes. A mild burning sensation may be experienced for 1-2 days after treatment. To prevent any such post procedural burning, we provide creams for our patients to be used for 1-2 days, if needed

For patients who were found not to be good candidates for MonaLisa, we provide treatment of their conditions and consider MonaLisa at a later time, if possible and if further treatment is still necessary or desired. 

"MonaLisa allows us to change the depth of laser penetration to selectively affect only the surface of the vaginal and vulvar tissue. Multiple additional modifications are available on MonaLisa; their appropriate selection contributes to our patients’ success with their treatment,” says Dr. Stepanian. The majority of our patients are very happy with their treatment and have recommended MonaLisa to their friends.” We are very grateful for their trust and their referrals. Ensuring the happiness of women and supporting their fulfilling relationships are key aspects of the mission of our practice!

  • In-Office Non-Surgical Procedure
  • Simple and Safe (FDA Studies are Pending)
  • Based on Detailed Research
  • Pain-Free / Hormone Free / No Downtime / No anesthesia
  • Reduces Pain with Intimacy Resulting from Vaginal Atrophy and Lichen Sclerosis
  • Reduces Vaginal Dryness
  • Increases Vaginal Lubrication
  • Improves Lichen Sclerosis
  • Improves Atrophic Vaginal and Vulvar Tissue
  • Series of Three (3) Treatments
  • Each takes Less than Five (5) minutes
  • Effective Option for Women who are Estrogen Deprived Due Health Conditions or Treatments
  • No Hormones
  • May Improve Mild Urinary Incontinence
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Dr. Stepanian’s Experience With Lasers

monalisa_touch_photoDr. Assia Stepanian is devoted to her patients and the most effective techniques in women’s health & Gynecologic surgery. She is internationally renowned, and uses a holistic approach to understand each woman’s medical history, treatment goals, and genetic predispositions.

Being a specialist in MIGS, Dr. Stepanian has worked with lasers for 25 years. She began using the MonaLisa Touch® Laser soon after its early introduction in Europe in 2012. The fractional Mona Lisa laser has been shown to reduce inflammation and to improve atrophic vaginal and vulvar tissue (which becomes damaged and loses elasticity with a decrease in estrogen). Vaginal lubrication is significantly restored. Some women also experience an improvement in mild urinary incontinence.

The MonaLisa Touch® procedure is performed in our comforting Atlanta location and only takes up to five minutes, requires no anesthesia, is painless with application of anesthetic creams and has no downtime. Most women (80 percent) experience symptom relief after just one treatment, and optimal improvement in symptoms is achieved with three treatments, which are performed six to eight weeks apart. An annual touch-up (when beneficial, based on examination) is used to maintain the improved results.

Academia offers multiple treatment options

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"It is so rewarding to see the joy of ‘being’ and intimacy restored for women. We are privileged to listen, understand and strategize the entire spectrum of their health journey. The MonaLisa Touch Laser is just one of the tools we use to support women at such special, transitional times in their lives." – Dr. Assia Stepanian


Dr. Stepanian was interviewed by Modern Luxury Magazine’s Medicine + Doctors Atlanta Medical Resource & Guidebook about The MonaLisa Touch®, one of the tools she uses to decrease pain and dryness and restore the joy of intimacy.

Read the full article.


What happens during treatment?
The procedure will seem similar to your annual exam, and will likely be even quicker. Your healthcare provider will insert the laser into your vagina and deliver laser energy “pulses.” The total procedure time is less than 5 minutes.

Does it hurt?
The laser energy itself is virtually painless. Some patients report mild discomfort with the laser tip insertion during the first procedure if there is gynecologic dryness.

How soon can I expect results?
Many patients have reported that they experience relief right away. Virtually all patients have experienced relief by the second treatment.

How long does treatment last?
MonaLisa Touch® provides lasting results. A once-a-year single treatment is recommended to maintain symptom relief. *This can be done quickly and conveniently during your annual checkup.

Dr. Stepanian's Patient MonaLisa Touch® Testimonials

My vagina skin was so dry and thin that I used to dread even my annual exam… it was so painful. Since the MonaLisa treatment, it is a much more pleasant experience, and it doesn’t hurt at all! – S.G.

Sex had become uncomfortable, not pleasant at all. It became a matter of continuing to be intimate with my husband or not. The procedure was painless – there was nothing to it! It’s definitely made a difference- I feel like I did when I was in my 20’s and 30’s! I trust Dr. Stepanian. She is very discriminating. I knew that she would not put her reputation on the line if this wasn’t the right treatment. – L.C.

I came to Dr. Stepanian in Atlanta specifically for the MonaLisa Touch treatment. I had read about it, and discussed it with my doctor who referred me to Dr. Stepanian. Dr. Stepanian was wonderful. She made me feel so comfortable and took all my fears away. The experience itself wasn’t painful at all. Since I became post-menopausal, I was experiencing pain with intercourse and some mild incontinence. The MonaLisa Touch has helped both tremendously! I am very happy. – L.D.

Life changing. – M.C.

I am very happy with my results and will continue to have this procedure done every year. – S.C.

My vaginal tissue has improved. – P.J.

These conditions are extremely private and I have come to realize there are vast amounts of women that endure these conditions in silent acceptance. A few of my female friends in my age group make offhand comments that sexual activity is a pleasure or function of their past. Nothing could be farther from the truth. My hope is that such treatments become more commonplace and discussed in open forums to bring vitality and well-rounded physical and emotional well-being and sexual health to women. – L.K.

Overall I have been pleased and will try the follow up treatment for the year after the initial treatment. – Jacqueline Manning


I truly feel healthier now. I hope to have follow up treatments each year. – M.M.

Dr. Stepanian was forthright regarding improvements vaginally and incontinence. There were no promises, only an offer of hope. I am thoroughly pleased with the results and her care of me as her patient. I would be very disappointed if this procedure were not available. It has been successful and a much needed answer to women having these postmenopausal issues. Women deserve to have this procedure available for those that are good candidates for success. – P.R.

I would recommend this treatment without hesitation! Dr. Stepanian is the most caring, experienced, and scientific physician I have ever found. Can’t say enough positive things. Love her and MLTL! – L.R.

Nothing is perfect, but the Mona Lisa has helped me when everything else failed. – A.P.