Treatment #1.

I have to admit, that even though everyone told me that it “doesn’t hurt,” secretly I felt like I would be the one that has pain. How can it not hurt?! My stomach was a bit nervous. Plus- the entire thought of a laser in my girly parts is a bit unsettling.

I was soon put at ease. Dr. Stepanian’s calm, reassuring manner made me feel welcomed, valued and relaxed. Covered by a comfy blanket, Dr. S applied numbing cream to my external, female parts. She then adjusted my blanket, dimmed the lights, and encouraged me to relax and just “be.” I felt like I was at a spa. This was valuable time for myself- doing something just for me (well, maybe the hubby too!).

After about ten minutes, I walked into the MonaLisa laser suite. I was outfitted with some really cool, green laser glasses, and, after I got comfortable on the bed, Dr. Stepanian made certain that everything was numb. Yes, there were good ole stirrups involved, but hey, one advantage of age is that, after three kids, those contraptions don’t intimidate me anymore!!

Once I was situated and comfortable, Dr. Stepanian took the time to explain the procedure to me and said that she wouldn’t begin until I was ready. The laser itself makes a whirring sound, but there is literally a puff of air and a bit of vibration, but NO PAIN! It seriously is not as intrusive as an annual exam. At one point, my nerves did try to get the better part of me, but Dr. Stepanian took the time to assure me that I was “fine and doing great.” Her staff could not have been more supportive and gentle.

Afterward, I got up and left. There was no downtime. The numbness lasted for a few hours which did feel a bit odd, but wasn’t really an issue. When the numbness wore off, the treated areas felt a bit irritated for a few days, but the post-procedure cream that I was given to apply, made this a non-issue. I will say that I didn’t wear tight-fitting jeans until the irritation felt better. Soooo I made it through my first MonaLisa Touch treatment. Two more to go! Stay tuned to see if it “worked.”

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