This is a real post from one of our patients. She shared her first MonaLisa Touch treatment experience at our Atlanta offices on our blog. This post shares her second treatment experience.

I am overdue for my second MonaLisa laser treatment. Life has been crazy busy- graduations, bridal showers, baby showers not to mention WORK! As usual, I am last on my “to do” list- can anyone else relate?!

What has happened in the time since my first treatment is all positive. First of all, the FDA acknowledged that there are no safety concerns with the MonaLisa Laser treatment. It had been lumped in with other forms of “vaginal rejuvenation” and the FDA was investigating the marketing verbiage that was being put forth by the companies. The MonaLisa is only provided to board-certified gynecologists and urogynecologists. Safety concerns are not a factor because the MonaLisa does not penetrate deep into the tissue (compared to other technologies) and it is highly modifiable. The extensive testing and resulting scientific data further impacted the FDA’s ruling on the safety and efficacy of the treatment.

Secondly, my personal results were very positive! I think I noticed the biggest change in the lack of pain after being intimate, and increased sensation while making love. My husband was very excited for me to go back for my second treatment!

With that said, I seemed to be more nervous this time which really doesn’t make much sense. Maybe just the heightened emotions of stress. Upon my arrival at Academia, I was greeted warmly and shown to my room. Dr. Stepanian came in and did a brief exam to make certain everything was as it should be. You should note that this is one of the differences in having MonaLisa at Academia. Dr. Stepanian is committed to making certain that the treatment given at her practice is tailored to each woman’s personal condition and situation. She wanted to make certain that there were no other pathologies that would contraindicate my treatment. After assuring that all is as it should be, she applied the numbing cream while reminding me that there would be a tingling sensation. She then came and put her hand on my head and told me to relax- that this was MY time. Yep. Must be stress, because I actually teared up at her gentle kindness!

I was MUCH more relaxed during the treatment this time. I knew it would not hurt and would not take much time at all.

That evening I continued to apply the creams that I was given. I was a bit uncomfortable but not really in any pain- more like an annoyance. By the next day even that sensation was gone and I felt fine.

I will be interested to see what results this treatment brings! As I was due for my annual check up in the next 6 weeks, I went ahead and made that appointment and was told that I could also have my third and final MonaLisa treatment during the same appointment… music to my over-scheduled ears! So, stay tuned for the big results reveal and next time I’ll tell you why an annual check up with Dr. Stepanian is different than most gynecologists’ approach.

Until then. Be well. Be kind to yourself and take time for yourself- you are worth it!