My First MonaLisa Experience at Academia of Women’s Healthcare
By: A grateful patient.

The first in a series of a patient’s personal MonaLisa Touch experience at Academia

A couple of years ago, I noticed that after I had been intimate, I would have a burning sensation when I used the bathroom for a day or so. Soon after, it actually became painful to have intercourse. I tried to combat the pain with a lubrication land-slide but I just wasn’t myself, I didn’t feel “normal” for several days after making love. Just the kind of thing that puts a damper in the romance department… I was interested in the backrub ONLY! Period. END of story. My husband became afraid of hurting me, and it was just a miserable cycle.

MonaLisa Touch ExperienceThe first gynecologist that I visited, and timidly told my sorry tale to, told me that my problems were a result of aging and the changes that menopause was visiting upon my 55-year-old body. She said that I could use some medications to help with libido, but there were side effects, and she didn’t personally think they worked well. That wasn’t the underlying problem anyway. I left discouraged about the entire process of becoming “old.”

About a year later, I met Dr. Stepanian. Her philosophy was radically different from anything that I had been told. Sure, menopause causes changes but there are options. She started me on a vaginal estrogen cream (after educating me on why it was appropriate and not a “danger” with my family history of uterine cancer) and steroid ointment. It took using the cream two times a week for 2-3 weeks and, amazingly, I felt I was getting back to my “younger” physical self! While the improvement was great, I have to admit that I am not a fan of using the cream … it’s messy… and another “thing” to do before my head can hit my welcoming pillow at night.

When Dr. Stepanian told me that I was an excellent candidate for the MonaLisa Touch Laser treatment, I listened with interest. She explained that she had extensive experience with this laser (she doesn’t recommend anything that she hasn’t thoroughly vetted and tried). The laser power is controlled by Dr. Stepanian’s expertise (not pre-sets) and produces tiny pin-pricks in the tissue which stimulates the patient’s body to produce collagen just under the vaginal lining, improving it, while also improving the body’s natural vaginal lubrication. The result graphs that Dr. Stepanian shared with me, which outlined the increase in vaginal lubrication,and the restoration of the epithelium collagen layers, was super impressive. I decided to schedule my MonaLisa treatment.

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